General Road Information

HRPOA is responsible for approximately 35 miles of roads throughout the Highland Ranches. Unpaved roads are designated as 4x4 roads and are maintained to that standard. Four wheel drive and appropriate tires are advised for winter driving in the Highlands.


Road maintenance is performed year round, depending on assessed needs, with the bulk occurring between the months of March and November, due to favorable weather. All of Lousetown Road and Cartwright Road are maintained by Storey County.


Plowing is accomplished through the use of one of the snow plows owned by HRPOA. Plowing usually begins when snow accumulation reaches 4". Considering the approximate 700' elevation difference throughout the Highlands, snow depth may be greater or less than 4" in some areas when plowing begins. Snow Water Equivalent and temperature forecasts also play a part in scheduling snow removal so as to reduce wet (muddy) roads.

Road Plan

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Reporting Road Issues

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